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Business Lending: Using Private Lenders

21 Ways to Raise Cash or Restructure Business Debt to Increase Cash Flow

15. Private Lenders

Business owners can use the same method professional real estate investors are using to raise cash, namely, turn to private lenders (regular people looking for a better return on their money than CDs or bank savings accounts) for their investment projects.

This is one of the easiest ways to raise money (without credit or even a job) - to get it from regular people, not banks...and you’ll get it faster, easier and without limits as to how much you can borrower – think what you could do with that kind of borrowing power!

Using this strategy of private lenders gives you the ability to raise an unlimited amount of money quickly, into the millions.

This strategy needs a proven turn-key system to work

Raising private money is not as simple as putting an ad in the paper. If you make the wrong first impression on your potential private lender, you’ll be dismissed as an amateur or fly-by-night – and it will be difficult to ever reverse that perception.

Lenders need to trust you to complete your business plan and generate profits, make timely loan payments (if there are any), and pay off the loan balance as agreed.

Get More Information and Help:
I have a resource for you that provides a complete turn-key system for raising private money including the marketing system, the presentation and the documents needed.

A proven private lender system will make your phone ring off the hook with prospective lenders, win their trust and create a limitless supply of money – ready to be loaned on your terms.

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