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Early Mortgage Payoff Strategy | Mortgage Cycling

Discover How To Rapidly Build Home Equity - Slash Your Mortgage Term - and Eliminate Thousands of Dollars in Interest Expense


A little-known method of rapidly paying down your mortgage and building your equity faster is called Mortgage Cycling. It's a more effective method than making a bi-weekly payment. Let me explain.


Compare: Bi-weekly Mortgage Payment


The way it works is that your mortgage payments are split in half every month so you end up paying (26) 1/2 payments instead of 12 whole payments which, in effect, results in paying one additional month towards your principal.


Compare: Mortgage Cycling


But with the discovery of a recent mortgage loophole by Craig Romer, a senior mortgage anlyst, Mortgage Cycling was born. Mortgage cycling allows a homeowner or real estate investor to build up equity 10 times faster than bi-weekly mortgages and allows you to pay off your 30 year mortgage in 10 years or less.


Mortgage Cycling Savings Comparison


Example: A typical $150,000 loan for 30 years at 7% interest


Look at how fast Mortgage Cycling builds your property's equity vs. a bi-weekly mortgage:


Bi-weekly Mortgage Cycling
Equity 1 year $1,520
Equity 3 years
Equity 5 years
Equity 9 years









No matter the loan amount, interest rates or mortgage term, mortgage cycling will dramatically cut down the payment time and interest payments to your mortgage company over the life of the loan.


Imagine what you could do with all that extra money that you can keep in your bank account instead of your mortgage company's bank account?


Now mortgage cycling may not be for everyone. But for someone who has the discipline it can be a very effective way of building up the quity in your home and to pay it off extremely fast versus using a standard bi-weekly option.


How Home Mortgage Cycling Developed


Mortgage Cycling works so well at building home equity that the creator of this method currently has a Patent Pending registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office protecting this valuable technique.


For six years, the developer, Craig Romero, served as a senior mortgage analyst for the leading financial reporting firm in the country. His position required that he carefully follow every mortgage reductiion trend that hit the market. he then analyzed those trends and submitted mortgage reports and articles to various lenders.


He knows mortgage reduction inside and out and had dedicated the last four years of his life developing this loophole and has helped over 2,000 families successfully pay off their mortgage debt early.


His report explains this valuable information with clear descriptions, everyday laguage, and simple examples.


With Mortgage Cycling one doesn't need to be an expert with mortgages or a math wizard.


Learn More About Mortgage Cycling | Buy Now


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