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Sample Deletion and Dispute Letters

Here is a collection of sample derogatory account deletion and dispute letters to send to the credit bureaus or creditors.

Includes my comments on what NOT NOT TO INCLUDE to keep from getting your letter "red-flagged."

Most Requested Sample Dispute & Deletion Letters
# Click the Links for DIY: Repair Credit |  DIY: Get Rid of Your Debt
No 1:  Remove Inquiry by Creditor
No 2:  Validate Debt From a Collector
No 3:  Letter to validate debt item to creditor or credit bureau
           Followup after 30 days
No 4:  Letter to validate debt item to creditor or credit bureau
           Followup after 60 days
No 5:  Dispute Derogatory Credit as "Not Mine"
No 6:  Dispute Items to Credit Bureau
No 7:  Dispute Items to Credit Bureau Example #2
No 8:  Creditor Deletion Letter Demanding Creditor or Credit Bureau to Validate Derogatory Credit
No 9:  Letter to validate debt item to creditor or credit bureau
           Followup after 60 days
No 10:  Disputed Items To Credit Bureaus  Example #4
No 11:  Intention to File a Complaint with the FTC
No 12:  Intention to File a Complaint with the FTC  Example #2
No 13:  Letter of Intent to File Complaint to FTC   Example #3

credit repair video tips debt free report download

In today's credit markets, obtaining a real estate loan for commercial or residential property with good terms is more challenging than ever.

If you have fair or poor credit, you can forget about getting a loan for the most part. You need to remove negative credit items and have a good FICO score.

This section of the website has been developed to educate you on what really works and what is a waste of valuable time to get derogatory credit items removed from your credit report.

The letters that most people send to the credit bureaus or creditors quickly get "red-flagged" and tagged as "frivolous" - which means your letter gets ignored.

I have taken the time to make comments on the most common dispute letters in the sample collection to help you avoid getting "red-flagged."

What You are Up Against with the Credit Bureaus and Creditors

Such sample letters that Demand Validation of Debt, Account Not Mine, Remove Inquiry by Creditor, Threat to Complain to the FTC and more are typically â 'boiler-plate' letters that the credit bureaus receive by the thousands each day.

Guess what happens with the majority of the letters the bureaus and creditors get?

They get put in the huge stack labeled 'frivolous' dispute letter. Then they send you a 'boiler-plate' letter in response to your 'boiler-plate' dispute that says something like:

We have researched the credit account. Account # XXXXX. The results are: Equifax verified that this belongs to you.

Or, if you use a credit repair company such as the ones that advertise on the internet, like Lexington Law Firm, (which I tested out for a client with disappointing results) to send dispute letters, the response is, 'We have received a recent request regarding your credit information that does not appear to have been sent directly to us by you. As a precautionary measure, we have not taken any action on your alleged request.'

These are actual statements I have read myself on credit reports.

Now what do you do? Where is your leverage to keep disputing the derogatory account? You can keep writing a dispute letter on the same derogatory item and hope they fail to respond within the 30 days to catch them in a violation of the law. Then what do you do?

This is a very frustrating way of trying to remove negative credit items.


Here is the good news. There is an effective method to dispute and remove negative credit items that works.

I did a lot research to find an authority on credit repair strategies that really work. For more details on the recommended guides, Click Here to review the Credit Repair DIY System.

The experts who developed this proven system have put together a step-by-step instruction guide that they developed after spending over 12 months interviewing former executives from the major credit bureaus, lending institutions, collection agencies and even FICO.

The authorities of this credit repair system studied their businesses inside and out to find the flaws in their systems. Using this information they created a blueprint to exploit their weaknesses. After years of testing, they have perfected the process.

In the off-chance the credit bureaus, creditors or debt collectors are extremely stubborn after using the strategies in The Credit Repair DIY System, you will need to sue them in Small Claims Court. It is fast, cheap and effective to use small claims as your ultimate "deletion" tool.

Details on using Small Claims against your creditors is found in the guide, Good Credit is Sexy. (Yes, I know it is a funny title.)

You will learn how to sue your creditors and win. Winning in this case means two things: [1] Get the derogatory item deleted from your credit report and [2] collect fines from $1,000 and up for each violation of the law they commit against you. How is that for getting even!

Best wishes in your efforts to restore your credit,

Naomi M